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  • Sync all your devices – PC, Mac, iOS devices, Android, etc..
  • Backup mobile devices
  • Unsurpassed file protection & security


  • having to pay for an upgrade of uploading files larger than 1GB
  • No file streaming

Verdict: JustCloud is one impressive service with plenty of options to give anyone an easy way to manage, backup, and secure their most important data.

Price: As low as $4.79 mth For Unlimited

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Ranked #1 out of 10 Compare All Providers Side-by-Side

REVIEWED by Eric Byron

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My Experience With JustCloud

award-gold13JustCloud is a reletavely new cloud backup service by a company called Just Develop It. They are located in Hampshire, United Kingdom and formed the company in 2009. Quickly they made a name for themselves and have been adding more and more features to make this one of the best choices for backing up, syncing, and sharing your files.  Here are 3 quick points I like about their service:

  1. JustCloud is extremely user friendly, even for those that don’t really understand what cloud backup is.
  2. JustCloud offers both archival and synchronized storage separately (regardless of plans).
  3. JustCloud is one of the lowest price services and over delivers on features! Targeting home users, their pricing is so attractive that everyone can afford cloud storage.

Pricing: 10/10

JustCloud offers a 14 day free trial which is limited to 1GB. This is sufficient to get you familar with the system and to show you how they take the burden of backup and make it childs play. The free trial is exactly that “free”, no credit card info is necessary at this point.  But after 14 days you will need to upgrade to one of their 3 plans to continue using the service. The plans are Home, Premium and Unlimited.

  1. Home Plan – This is the lowest plan in JustCloud and it costs $6.95* /month regularly.
  2. Premium Plan – Premium is the most popular plan where you pay $7.95* /month.
  3. Unlimited Plan – Unlimited as it says provide unlimited storage. The cost will be $9.95* /month.

* Prices are based on regular price without the 70% off and 12-month subscriptions.

Features: 10/10




JustCloud offers one of the more impressive feature sets that I have seen in an online cloud service. From syncing multiple devices (PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Tablets, Blackberry, Smartphones) to being able to share files to whoever you want. But, most important are its backup options. You can set backups to occur on a specific schedule, such as daily, weekly or monthly. Additionally, you can initiate automatic backups, meaning the service automatically saves any changes to backed-up files and new files added to any backed-up folder. This serves as a double layer of protection to ensure all your data is secure even between scheduled backups.

The online storage service also boasts useful file sharing capabilities. Whether you want to share photos with friends or a slideshow presentation with colleagues, JustCloud allows you to share files or entire folders with others. You can share your files by email, Facebook or Twitter, or you can create custom, private links for specific files to send to recipients.

Beyond backing up and sharing files, JustCloud offers an array of convenience features, many of which are lacking in the other services we reviewed. For instance, file versioning allows you to restore previous versions of your files in the event you accidentally delete the latest version, and the service keeps a detailed history of all your actions. The online storage service also doesn’t limit the size of files you can upload, and it has a convenient file preview so you can see exactly what a file is before downloading it.

File Support: 10/10

You are able to store any file you want on this service. It’s not limited to only backing up word docs and PDF’s.  I personally use it mainly for my movie collection where I add a movie from my PC and then I am able to sync it to my iPad for viewing on the go. Another plus is that you no longer need to worry about USB sticks or burning data do a CD for transporting to another location.  Just login to your account from anywhere and get the files you stored via the drag and drop interface that JustCloud provides on the PC.


File Security: 10/10

Only the best file encryptions are used here as well as employing a SSL encryption for all data transfers. This is really the main thing I look for since file security is a must. I don’t want to be sharing my files with just anyone and JustCloud makes sure that everything is secure. Just make sure that you create an unbreakable account password for logging into the site. I tend to make easy passwords for such services but this could be a hack that you can control, and that’s just creating a more secure password.

File permissions is another secure option that they provide. By setting the permissions on a file by file basis I can be sure that whoever I give access to in my account, they are only seeing and downloading the files I want them to see and use.

What Is The Individual File Size Limit?

Unfortunately JustCloud does have an individual file size limit. By default the software only backup files that are smaller than 5MB. You can change it to maximum 5GB per file. Well if you are uploading Blu-ray movie, beware of this!

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Sync all your files across your computers and devices

Automatically sync files across computers. With Just Cloud, you decide which files and folders you want to sync and where you want to sync them.

Just Cloud works in the background so your most important data is always backed up and available to you. You can start editing a file on your office PC and finish it on your laptop at home.

Browse, backup and sync, all from your mobile

Just Cloud’s online control panel allows you to access all of your backed up and synced files from any device with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

You can access your files from Tablets, PC’s, Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops at anytime, from any location. Just Cloud completely eliminates the need for flash drives or other storage devices.


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Summary Of Key Points of JustCloud

  1. User friendly. The interface of the software is really easy to use. You will be surprised how simple it is!
  2. Rich in features. Having Synchronized storage is really a very HUGE plus point for JustCloud. Although you don’t get multi giga bite of Synchronized storage, the 1GB come with any plans does do the job for me. I love that!
  3. 7 file versioning. 7 is a good number where you don’t need to mess with too many different versions yet it provides sufficient protection.
  4. Cheap pricing. JustCloud is one of those services that achieves great balance between profit and value. They don’t provide bombastic features but they charge reasonably low. Perhaps that is what makes them so popular today.